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Homeowners Insurance in Vermont

Vermont homeowner’s insurance policies are package policies. They typically include protection for the following:

  • The physical structure of your home

  • Other structures on your property such as a garage or shed

  • The contents of your home, (with some limitations and exclusions)

  • Additional living expense (in the event of a covered loss)

  • Personal Liability

  • Medical expenses of others injured on your property

Homeowner’s policies do not cover flood, earthquake or routine wear and tear.


Water/sewer backup usually needs to be added to the policy to be covered. There are also internal policy coverage limits on certain types of personal property like jewelry, fine arts, firearms, antiques, boats and collectibles. You can customize your policy by adding endorsements to increase these internal limits, schedule specific personal property, add earthquake coverage, increased liability limits, and many other endorsements. 

Flood policies are purchased separately and are available from us. Talk to us about your concerns and any specific coverage questions you have.

Different Types of Policies: There are different types of homeowner’s policies that insure against different perils. They range from a basic policy covering only fire, lightning and vandalism to an open perils policy covering all perils not specifically excluded in the policy. We can help guide you as to which is best for you. 

ACV vs. RC: Homeowner’s policies are written on both an Actual Cash Value (ACV) basis and Replacement Cost (RC) basis. ACV policies cover the cost to replace your home up to the insured amount minus depreciation. Most policies today cover you on what's called a replacement cost basis. A replacement cost policy covers the cost to rebuild your house or repair damages, up to the insured amount, without subtracting depreciation. 

Other Property Insurance

We have available many other property insurance policies including: 

  • Renters Insurance: covers your personal property and liability

  • Landlord’s Insurance: covers your building, your liability and your landlords fixtures

  • Condo Insurance: covers your personal property, liability and some of the building, depending upon the condo agreement and your circumstances

  • Flood Insurance is not covered by homeowners insurance and need to be purchased separately

  • Personal Articles floater: covers boats, kayaks, expensive sporting goods, garden equipment, fine arts, collectibles, etc. above your regular policy limits

  • Umbrella Insurance: an umbrella policy provides additional coverage when a lawsuit brought over injuries and/or property damage that you cause exceeds the liability limits on your homeowners insurance, auto insurance, boat insurance, etc.  


At Dewitt-Blake Insurance, we get to know you and your home. We know that what works for your neighbor may not work for you. We try to create a tailored Vermont home insurance policy that suits your particular needs.

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